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28 August 2012

Sana Khan As Silk Smitha in Malayalam Movie CLIMAX

Sana Khan As Silk Smitha in Malayalam Movie CLIMAX
If the Hindi film Dirty Picture took the country by storm, here is another version of the life of screen siren Silk Smitha, this time in Malayalam. Titled Climax, the story is by Antony Eastman, who brought Silk Smitha into the limelight.The film is directed by Anil, and it's not as much of a commercial entertainer at the Hindi blockbuster. It is said to be a more realistic portrayal of the life of the 'sex symbol' of yesteryear, though the makers of the film deny that it is a portrayal of Silk Smitha.
Popular model and actor Sana Khan plays the role of a normal girl named Poomkodi, who hails from a modest background and shot to fame in South Indian movies as Supriya. Sadly, her life took a tragic turn and she eventually commits suicide.Kaloor Dennis writes the screenplay and dialogues. Newcomer Subin Sunny, Suresh Krishna and Irshad are part of the cast. 

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