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19 June 2012

Siddique-Mohanlal film: "Ladies and Gentlemen"

Siddique announces Ladies and Gentlemen with Mohanlal

After a gap of long twenty years super star Mohanlal is joining with Siddique for the movie Ladies and Gentlemen. Their last movie was Vietnam Colony which was written and directed by Suddique-Lal duo. Siddique also penned the story for the Mohanlal movie ‘Ayal Kathaezhuthukayanu’ which was directed by Kamal.
The director assures that the new film would be a comedy treat for audience. The cast and crew are yet to be finalized. The shooting of Ladies and Gentlemen would get started in the beginning of next year. Now Siddique has attained new heights in Bollywood by making 100 crore success through the Hindi version of Bodyguard. It may be recalled that director Lal too has announced a film with Mohan Lal.
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