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21 August 2011

Chance To Act Malayalam Film by Mamas

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Mamas, whose first film was Pappi Appacha, is searching for new faces for his latest project, “Cinema Company”. Mamas explained at the  press conference at Kochi that it is a golden chance for the youngsters who is aiming to be the future stars of the Malayalam Film Industry.

This film tells the story of the dreams and expectations of the new generation. The story, screenplay and direction of the film is done by Mamas himself. The film is expected to be a full time entertainer and 7 new faces are being searched for the film. The new stars will be elected from an audition that lasts for a month. After PappiAppacha, which told the story of a father and a son mixed with humour, Mamas is starting his new project with great expectation. Fareed Khan, a prominent business man of Lakshadweep is the producer of the film.
“It is the time of youngsters in Malayalam Film Industry. And Keralites always welcome new and different experiments in films. So Cinema Company will definitely be a great success”, said Mr. Fareed at the press conference. The film is produced under the banner of White Sands Media House and Mamasian Movies.
“The film has a strong story and it is presented in a totally different way. That was what attracted me to this project”, explained Mr. Fareed. Media Box Office of Kochi, an advertising company is the marketing and promotional partner of the Cinema Company. MBO director Sumitha said that very wide advertising programs are being planned for the auditions which are to be held at Kochi, Trivandrum and Kozhikode. The contestants who are selected will be given expert training before being casted in the film. The main sponsor of this one month long audition program is Dhatri Ayurveda Ltd.
The music direction of this film is done by Alphonse Joseph. And the section of cinematography is controlled by Jibu Jacob. Youngsters interested in audition are requested to visit the website, www.mamasianmovies.com. Entries received before the25th of August will be accepted for the audition. Applications are invited from youngsters between the age of 18 and 24. Both the male and female candidates can apply.
There are a number of new faces who are dreaming of entering the cinema field and marking their names there. But there always existed this complaint that youngsters are not given due importance in this sector. And Mamas is trying to make this complaint irrelevant. This is certainly a golden chance for all those who love to work in the field of cinema.
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